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In mid 1990’s Campolargo started testing the varieties planted in that meantime (many of which first time attempts in this region). Decision was taken to resume market-oriented wine production and to raise a new cellar. The first Campolargo wines resulted from 2000 crop, although the new cellar was only built in 2004. Nowadays, the business lies in the hands of the third generation with Jorge Campolargo responsible for the vineyards and Carlos Campolargo heading the cellar and sales. Joana Campolargo embodies the collaboration of the fourth generation ensuring administrative support and external relations.

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Casa de Passarella

Casa de Passarella is based in Dao, one of Portugal’s most promising wine regions. The region is quickly gaining international wine media attention as improvements in production and marketing have helped the region to start shining. The top Dao wines are now some of the most highly rated in Europe, winning consistent praise on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Conceito Vinhos

The way that Conceito Vinhos conceives of the wine, the deep understanding of their region, is the starting point for the project–inspiration for their story. Hence the Brand (Conceito = Concept). Port wine has monopolized wine production there since the 18th Century, producing a landscape of extraordinary beauty. But only recently people become aware of the tremendous potential of the eastern Douro. Firstly, with the opening up of better access routes; and then with the table wine revolution. It has largely been this latter factor that has opened the way to a universe of specificities along the river course, a huge valley that can no longer be seen and cultivated as a uniform and undifferentiated whole. The wine will inevitably come to exhibit its various “terroirs”. Understanding them, working properly their widely differing altitudes, soils and microclimates is a journey from which there is no turning back, and one upon which we wholeheartedly embark. In search of the freshness and balance of terrain. That is the Concept!

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Herdade Grande

Herdade Grande is a farm located about 5 km from Vidigueira / Alentejo, with total area of ​​350 hectares of which 60 hectares of vineyard, olive grove and the remaining 40 for the grazing of sheep. This property is owned by the same family for nearly one century, and this was acquired in 1920, when the vine and olive crops were present. It was born the current owner, licensed since 1970 in Agronomic Engineering from the Higher Institute of Agronomy, which is Manager and Producer of wines the company. Together with neighboring properties forms a Game Reserve Tourist, with 750 hectares. The wine project began with the installation of vines in 1980 and winemaking in 1997, intending to produce and sell 350,000 to 400,000 bottles of wine, of which 30% White and 70% Tinto. In 2008 began the marketing of our olive oil with brand Herdade Grande, using for this purpose the provision of services.

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Maior de Mendoza

Maior de Mendoza S.L. is a family business founded by José Barros Cuervo, one of the pioneers in the Albariño world. In the beginning the winery marketed its wines locally, but the dynamism has been continuous and it is now present in 15 countries and receives awards in the most prestigious wine competitions worldwide. Although, these days, it is one of the references of the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin, Maior de Mendoza holds on to its family business roots and values with a corporate culture based on our passion for the Albariño variety and aiming to always present it at its very best. This is the commitment of the technical staff led by Cristina Mantilla, one of the most important oenologists in the country and one of the people who best understands the Albariño variety.

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Pagos Del Rey

Pagos del Rey Project started in 2002 with the aim of making quality wines in the most prestigious wine making regions in Spain, with wines with their own personality. The company has wineries in Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Rueda and Toro. All of them have a modern design that combines tradition and innovation, and the latest technology in wine making.

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Parra Family Organics

It may seem hard to believe, but in 1993, when the brothers, Francisco, Javier and Luis Parra founded Parra Family Organic, the idea of Organic certification was a new one. But the brothers decided it was a natural thing for them to pursue, given their long history of sustainable farming.
So, they did things the way they had always done them and the world took notice. Today Parra Family Organic wines are 100 percent NOP-certified and the Parra brothers are the largest producers of Organic wines in Europe. It’s a position many wineries are now working very hard to be in, but for the Parras it never felt like anything special. “Some people call it Organic farming,” Francisco says, “for us it is just a continuation of what our family has always done.”

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Quinta de Lagoalva

Quinta da Lagoalva de Cima’s estate spreads along the south bank of the Tagus river, about 2 km from the village of Alpiarça and 11 km from Santarém.

In 1834, Quinta da Lagoalva is bought by Henrique Teixeira de Sampayo, the First Count of Póvoa. In 1841-42 the whole of his assets are passed on to his daughter D. Maria Luisa Noronha de Sampaio, who, in 1846, marries D. Domingos António Maria Pedro de Souza e Holstein, the Second Duke of Palmela. From that moment, on these assents were incorporated in the House of Palmela.

Through generations Quinta da Lagoalva de Cima has been kept in the possession of the descendents of the Second Duke of Palmela, belonging nowadays to Soc. Agrícola Quinta da Lagoalva de Cima S.A.

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Quintas de Melgaco

Quintas de Melgaco is dedicated to producing Alvarinho wines of quality, based on innovation and development of brands creating synergies to enable the most important agricultural activity of Melgaço, focused on the achievement of market leadership, satisfying all stakeholders of the organization.

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Quinta Do Portal

Quinta do Portal is a unique, family, fine winemaking company based in the Douro valley of Northern Portugal, the first wine region to be demarcated in 1756. It’s a boutique winery devoted to theproduction of the best wines this wonderful region can offer. Our family has been producing Ports for more than 100 years at “Quinta dos Muros” and has been inthe region since the XV century and played a very important role in the Demarcation of the region.

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Quinta de Rede

Quinta da Rede, with its prime location in the Douro by the river produces wines of excellence.

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Vini Verde

Viniverde is a holding company which represents seven major wineries and 1200 growers in the Minho sub-region of Vinho Verde. Viniverde is managed by Jose Oliveiros, General Partner and Winemaker. The wines of Viniverde are exquisite, yet simple and well-balanced, reflecting the superiority of the terroir and climate which makes their wines so enjoyable.

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