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Top Cava Brands Tap Into U.S. Consumer Price Sensitivity

Champagne may have ridden a roller coaster in the U.S. market over the past few years, but its lower-profile counterpart, Cava, has enjoyed stronger and more consistent growth. Even after a solid performance in 2010, U.S. Champagne depletions were still more than 20% down from 2007, according to Impact Databank. Cava, meanwhile, has actually gained ground during the economic downturn.

“The downturn has helped us. Our main customer has, for the most part, stayed with our brand because the pricing is still competitive at well under $10 retail per bottle,” says Vince Friend, president of CIV USA, which imports Cristalino, the market’s second-leading (and fastest-growing) Cava brand. “A lot of consumers who no longer had the budget to buy higher-priced sparklers began buying Cristalino.”

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Wine Business – Paulo Amorim


by Dr. Luis Antunes

In times of crisis some people rise to their best, turning dire straits into great opportunities. The Portuguese wine industry seems to be at such a moment. Paulo Amorim, president of the G7, the association of the seven largest domestic wine companies, has expecteded this for several years. Amorim is the former sales director of G7 member Aveleda and president of the National Association of Exporters of Wine and
Spirits (ANCEVE). Having spent four years in the Porto business, 25 years with Vinho Verde and 16 years in the Douro, he truly understands the Portuguese wine scene. The recent major acquisitions by Joe Berardo are, he believes, the natural consequence of the current state of affairs.

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