The past week our oenologist Cristina Mantilla, received the certification of the maximum distinction given by the Gallaecia Association to the best galician wines. The event toock place at the Mugartegui Palace. The awarded wine was Maior de Mendoza on lees 2010.

Another of our wines the 3 Crianzas 2009, was also recognised by Gallaecia as one of the best galician wines with 93 points.

This awards are given by the galician sommelier association "Gallaecia", that every year select the best galician wines during several blind tasting series. This is the third consecutive year that one of our wines gets their maximum distinction.

In Hong Kong, took place the "Restaurant & Bar, Hong Kong House Wine Awards". This event selects the best house wines and our Fulget 2010 received the Gold prize.

In Germany, was celebrated the famous Mundus-Vini wine contest, one of the most important in Europe. There Fulget 2010 received the Silver Medal. This is the fifth consecutive year that one or several of our wines, are awarded in this important wine concourse.

Marta Vazquez.
Adega Maior de Mendoza SL

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